This is our passion

The Castello di MonteFiore estate exists for the sake of creating unique wines. Based on three core principles in accordance with the best practices of the industry, it stands out from the competition in terms of its unique wines, as well as its vast potential and ever-changing vision for the continued expansion of the business.

Castello di MonteFiore shares the knowledge and skills it has with its neighbours and the community. In addition, it is surrounded by the unconditional respect that it has for the territory that belongs to it and the community that lives and works there.

“This makes Castello di MonteFiore a true champion of social and ecological causes”.

In order to preserve this long-term vision, Castello di MonteFiore has been able to traverse all its historical and economic moments in a conscious and productive manner, and has become in a very short time one of the most affirmed and appreciated symbols of a modern commercial venture, recognised and appreciated by wine lovers across the globe.

Italian Wines - Castello di MonteFiore